Front Yard 2

Ashima Yadava
The Frond Yard
The Front Yard is as much a space as it is a metaphor. I began making portraits of people in their front yards, the kind of in-between space between the intimate and the social. These portraits are made all around the Bay Area, with a focus on diversity and disparity - how people from different economic sections were dealing with the pandemic differently. Front Yard is photographed across three formats - digital, medium format, and 4x5 large format. 
While I was doing this I was also thinking of the photographer's role and power dynamics vis -a vis photographing someone. I wanted to share that power with the people I was photographing so I wasn't the only one driving the narrative. I decided to give them large format prints and invited them to participate - color or embellish these prints however they like. While the two images show the wanderings of my mind, the latter set of images invert the process, allowing people to illustrate the imagination of their lives onto the reality of my
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