Caroline County, MD (2020) from A House Apart

Ben Marcin
A House Apart
I began exploring the idea of home and the passing of time - in particular, the rapid disappearance of so many homes – both in the city and outside of it. The demolition of many of these buildings, for various reasons, has been sanctioned by local governments and other entities often under the threat of eminent domain. Others were simply left behind for nature to decide. 
In 2010, I began my photo essay, Last House Standing, as a way to document and explore this condition of displacement. Around the same time, I also began to photograph abandoned houses on the eastern shore, an area encompassing large parts of Delaware and Maryland bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. This was one of the first parts of America to be settled by the English colonists in the early 16th century and the region abounds with historic houses
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