The New Morning Routine

Beth Rooney
Our village shut down on March 13, 2020. Chicago and the rest of the state followed a week later. At first, I thought it can’t be the end of the school year. I wasn’t ready. I had trips, I had plans. The kids needed to learn. My main concern when this first happened was their academic life, but my focus soon shifted. I was not worried they would fall behind. They would be fine academically. I began to consider the mental and emotional implications of prolonged isolation for a 5 and 8- year-old. My focus shifted from keeping them on point with schoolwork to keeping their mental health at the forefront. These photos reflect that shift and, I hope, the joy we found in isolation. These photos always reflect the duality of our experience: joy, happiness, and love in our house and fear, caution and dread when we left the safety of home to go shopping, to go to a doctor’s appointment, or head to work.
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