Running For Cover

Carl Galie
It was Day 76 of my project and day 151 of my lockdown when I noticed some beautiful afternoon light illuminating the backyard as I looked out my kitchen window. The contrast of the dark sky from an approaching storm and the warm afternoon light caused me to stop what I was doing and I immediately grabbed my camera and headed outside to the deck. As I was photographing the garden and grape arbor the calls of a flock of vultures flying overhead who were fleeing the storm caught my attention. The ominous sky was a warning of things to come and caused me to forget all about photographing the garden and begin focusing my attention on the sky. I was able to snap a few shots of the fast-moving clouds before being forced inside by the wind and heavy downpour. Since I can no longer travel to work on any of my ongoing projects, it is moments like this that keeps me inspired and the only thing keeping me going.

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