He is an Island

Lisa Wiecki
My son is an only child and has developed a huge and healthy imagination.  Although he loves interacting with school friends and his extended family members he’s still able to entertain himself when he is alone.  I took this photo during a camping trip my little family went on at Lake Thurmond in Plum Branch, SC this summer during the Covid-19 pandemic.  I explored the roots and rocks along the shoreline while my son paddled around in the shallow water.   Soon he turned and began to float in the most easy and relaxed way.  It’s a favorite activity of his to pretend to be something else while swimming or floating like a shark, a dolphin, a frog or even an island like the one that can be seen in the photographs. At a time of social distancing this also became a tactile exchange, an affirmation of the physical world where we all still dwell.
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